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Siamese fireback pheasant

Siamese fireback pheasant
Learn about Thailand national bird
.. Or bird that is the national symbol of Thailand.
Siamese Fireback (Siamese Fireback)
Common name: Siamese fireback pheasant
Scientific name: Lophura diardi
A bird in phasianidae. (Phasianidae) a pheasant that are relatively large. Length measured from Snout to tip of tail length 24-32 inches (total length of the tail, the male will add another 14 inches) like chicken.
Thin pheasant other than short broad wings fly hard, but often only fly in the near term.
Males have red legs and face. Males have black hair and a fringe of black hair sticking out and bend over backwards and will erect when frightened or wooing females. Body top end there are scams golden flesh. The tail feathers are black glassy green. Neck and chest is gray A spur long and acrimonious
Female brown hairy head, neck and throat. Body on the front and bottom. The body is reddish brown in color, legs stretch like scales. No spur-winged black
Residents like living in lowland dry evergreen forest with bamboo density and porosity. At an altitude of less than 800 meters from sea level. The species found in southern Vietnam, Laos, northern Cambodia.
Section in the north. The North East And the East as wildlife sanctuaries, complementing Phu - Phu Thong National Park Royal Fields sought. Thap Lan National Park And National Park Because of sin and pool
Like male isolated The female may find a couple or a family.
Living daylight out The ferret went looking for food on the ground, then the mouth and ate. Food mostly small creatures such as worms, insects and termites are just a small part of the seed plants such as grass, seeds and fruit that falls from trees. He also likes to eat bamboo seeds and raisins with Sai.
Siamese Fireback habits territory only source of livelihood protection also prevents mating and family. Often paired mating monogamy in early summer. About a month from April to May Nest by digging a small pond. According facade grass clump dense. 4-8 eggs per brood eggs take 23-25 ​​days.

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