Thursday, December 10, 2015

Crested wood partridge

Crested wood partridge
A bird in the Phasianidae family and the only species in the genus Rollulus.
Status of birds endemic to Thailand
Crested has a round body, short tail length, 25 cm in adult males than females slightly. Both sexes have a movie crimson eyes. No dowel pin red
Males have a glimpse green top. Below is a dark blue With light brown wing panel A long red head crest panel. The front has a white head and a long black wool tassel. The female has a brown head hair, green beans, dark gray wings and a long black tassel hair mouth black.
Crested often living alone or in pairs on the ground to eat fruit, seeds and invertebrates for food. If frightened to run away or fly in close up. Crested nest on the ground, hidden under a pile of debris, leaves. Five or six eggs hatch in 18 days leaves White Crested is different from the common chicken. The parents are feeding their children from mouth to mouth and ate on the floor instead of a chicken another. And Crested are lying in the nest when young.
Conservation status
Living in the lowland rainforests in southern Myanmar, southern Thailand, Malaysia, Sumatra and Borneo.
There are concerns about the effect of destroying the habitat of this species, especially logging. It appears to be quite adaptable than other pheasant species in Southeast Asia. Crested be assessed as Near Threatened in Union for Conservation of Nature's Red List of CITES.

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