Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Oriental pied hornbill

Oriental pied hornbill
Hornbills are birds in the family
Hornbills are the smallest in the country. Some people would call that a male bird, hornbill length from mouth to tail tip 89 centimeters but smaller than a hen is only 70 centimeters long, colorful birds, the male and female birds similar. Distinction was hard under the chin, neck, upper chest and upper body, from head, back, back, rump and upper tail feathers covering black. A little green glassy look into it. Black Wings glimpse green hair outermost end of the year except for two lines and the outer wing feathers are marking the lines outside the white broad Nkkagpik out at the end of time. Thus, the male wing It is clear white tail feathers on a black double lines. But other couples tail feathers There are black bars at second base in the third part of the tail end, but the rest is white if looking at the bottom. To see a black tail with white tip, except the oriental pied hornbill species (Aa convexus), which is the outermost tail feathers. The bottom line is white chest, belly up to the individual feathers under the tail and legs on a white fur coat with bare skin around the eyes and the upper cheek. A faded blue I often see a white Iris dark brown legs and toe black mouth and Mike Cass white ivory. The male birds are larger than Mike Castle. Rovers are tinted black eye and mouth less than hen this hen has tinted dark red to brown. Next to the mouth with black paint.
Oriental pied hornbill eat both plants and animals, as well as other birds. Whether Lace Reptile And small birds A style of eating as a recognition for the spectator. It would throw food into the air and then opened her mouth to receive. Often includes large crowd to sleep in the twilight.
Hornbill birds of all kinds is endemic. It has been found that it is a short distance migration in certain seasons. Oriental pied hornbill hornbill is a common evergreen in the altitude not exceeding 1400 meters from the sea and forest on the southern Chinese island from India to Indonesia. It will be small for the hornbills but larger than wild birds. We can even hear the flap of the bird if it passed in the not very distant.

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