Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Orange-breasted Trogon

Male Orange-breasted Trogon

                   female Orange-breasted Trogon

Orange-breasted Trogon
Front see orange
Wong magpie bird Trogonidae
Thailand's endemic bird species.
look :
From mouth to tail length of about 65-68 cm and 37-42 cm around a very long tail feathers.
Or second in three of its length from mouth to tail. Rather stiff tail feathers which are 12 lines long, descending into each pair.
The pair top the longest tail feathers. The longer the tail, the five partners, obviously. Tail end of each line are rounded.
All the tail feathers are blue and purple. The tail end of each line is a white band. And only the tail end of the first pair to five pairs.
A black bar next to the white strip with. The tail feathers, a pair of top-six pairs of curved down slightly.
Magpie bird's beak and orange leather round blue eyes. Features a chest orange Chasing down to yellow at the bottom. Green Compliance Head Holes on the back and tail feathers brown. Males have black and white stripes on the wings. The female has a striped black and brown. The head Brown more than males. Bird childhood colorful than the overall adult and a pattern that resembles a winged female. Magpies, magpie bird chest orange is the most common bird in Thailand. The island is high compared with most red-billed blue magpie. Found in evergreen and deciduous mixed forest sector. The central region Normally be heard more often than seen.
The cry "The stick - the stick - the stick or Soy - Soy - Soy consecutive.

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