Sunday, December 20, 2015

red-wattled lapwing

red-wattled lapwing
Wong is a bird head (Charadriidae)
Remember resident status in birds.
The birds are pretty spectacular. Found in nearly every open space across the country. Warning pitched vocals, as well as "environmental, but" The birds are usually seen in pairs or small flocks not far from water sources. But may be as large herds in winter, non-breeding season in Kraแtแtgแwgd.
Tgaitiwid birds wading bird with long legs, long about 35 cm in size, spotted dove. The wings and back are light brown with a hint of purple on the head, chest and neck or neck front is black with a white stripe that clear during the tail to the belly. Some species are up to the neck almost to the top. Including ear Almost a tail wings The short tail is black Top with brown and white or black with red polyp across the front of the eye-to-eye with a red mouth the black legs with yellow feet 4 inches after a small protrusion. Inches higher than the other The island does not have branches At the base of the little finger with a membrane When flying Wings with white stripes on the bottom, apparently.
Habitat: agricultural fields. And in open areas

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