Monday, December 21, 2015

Purple Swamphen

Purple Swamphen
Crake birds are birds in the family
Status in Thailand Resident and migratory birds
The shape of this species so similar to other birds in this family such as rail birds, bird pepper, pea variety. But there is a very large length from tip to tip, tail, mouth, around 43-44 centimeters is featured feathers covering the body with a bright blue and purple. It seems no tail bobtail Tail feathers covering the bottom color is white with eye, mouth and feet red visor. The bright light of a dark coat color will vary according to each bird. Birds, male and female alike The adult birds may have clouded over adult and red lip color. Bird's body covered with soft hair black. Legs and long toes to the aptitude to walk on water plants, as well as adult birds.
The traditional rural living: more common in the Central Plains. Often by relying on such a large freshwater marsh wormwood. Nakhon Sawan And found scattered around the country, according to various sources of fresh water. It may be less than the large water source.
Aiokgg birds often relied on large source of fresh water. The sources that we will find many bird species at a time. Birds are tricky to walk on floating vegetation. Legs with long toes moving slowly. Tail bobbing up and down By walking on the floating weed Aiokgg birds often have wings to help with balance. If in danger This species may run or panic. Or fly a short distance, and seek the shelter.

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