Friday, December 18, 2015

Black Drongo

Black Drongo
Wong Drongo Dicruridae
The status of resident and migratory birds.
The birds perch on small family Drongo. Meet the southwest of Iran. East to India and Sri Lanka. South to China And Indonesia In a very common throughout the country. A wildlife protection Wildlife Preservation and Protection Act appearance.
Black drongo males and females look alike. Measuring about 28 cm body length black hair all over the body, glassy blue. The tail is forked tail, similar to carp. Figure out mouth to mouth on the mouth, black legs, black feet, black eye, the retina. But black is black
Found in Iran, India, China, Taiwan, Indonesia, Indochina and Thailand's endemic birds. Common to almost all sectors Except the South from Chumphon southward. It is found that the migratory birds during winter.
Black drongo Drongo a single species like perch. By branches open The prairie along the water. Dislikes down the ground. Often the only livelihood Or in pairs during the breeding season. The birds are not afraid of birds. If another bird came close to dismissing a pinch hitter. Imitating other birds can sing. Feed by pecking insects fly out of the island hovering in flight. Sometimes living in small flocks of 3-6.
This species breeds during the months from April to August. Nest high in a tree with small branches woven into a cup-shaped polished. There is a pool in the middle of the spawn secondary with fur and grass. Lay 3-4 eggs

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