Friday, December 18, 2015

Black-crested Bulbul

Black-crested Bulbul
Wong Bulbul Pycnonotidae
The status of resident birds
The birds are small (19 cm), with a crest of long black feathers around the head and neck black top body greenish brown. Below the yellow body Eyes, pale yellow or cream color is gray, not adults.
And food habits
A wild bird found in many conditions, such as dry evergreen forest, mixed deciduous tropical rainforest jungle and forest.
From ground level, the highest peak or the height 2590 meters above sea level found in pairs or small flocks feeding on shrubs. And various treetop The high degree of And moderate The birds are usually cries all the time.
The singer's voice "David - Weed - Haiti - Weed" foods include fruits, especially Sai Wan Takhop tiger little cinnamon and some vines. Birds will pluck fruit from a terminal mouth and then swallowed whole. Also eat flower petals. Flower nectar Especially the wild Lang And eat worms and insects, too. By devour the branches and treetops. Sometimes catch insects hovering in mid-air. But distance is not far from the island much.
Bulbul, Yellow Head During the summer breeding season. Or between the months of April-May A cup-shaped nest Includes grass, leaves and small branches, grass, leaves, middle fossa usually associate with. And another layer of grass for eggs. Put the fork of a tree, shrub, which nests above the ground about 1-3 meters or more eggs in each nest with 2-4 eggs with pink flowers dotted brown eggs on the bluff area. The average size of 15.7 x 20.9 mm eggs and two males help build the nest and incubate the eggs and raise the babies. When the new hatch. No feathers cover the body And yet they do not get help
The law Bulbul, Yellow spigot is a protected species.

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