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Green peafowl

Green peafowl
Thailand is a bird peacock pheasant species large. The male birds may be up to three meters including tail can weigh up to 5 kg female length 1.1 meters, weighs about 1.1 kg wing span width 1.2 m male bird has a crest of a tassel and a movie at the blue and yellow. noticeable body hair with a twinkle in her glassy blue, green and copper-colored wings on the side. The body is designed to scale both brilliant. Auburn feathers fly A tail feathers sticking out very long. With green eyes and a round, edged with blue and blue. Hen looks generally like male birds. The iridescent green feathers and a little more than the typical amber. Not a long tail feathers covering as in male birds. Thailand Peacock Peacock fly better than India.
Male peacock spread tail-feathers
Male birds of the species and subspecies imperator spicifer a green sky. Subtype first glimpse at the waist with a green collar, inner and outer wing feathers middle. The latter type dimmed over Chest and neck color than blue. There is more than meets the wing in black. Middle and outer wing feathers The subspecies muticus hairy green gold with little blue on the neck and chest. The outer and neck may be changed depending on age and gender.
Distribution and habitat
Peacock is spreading in Southeast Asia in Assam. India The southwest of China, Laos, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, to the west and the island of Java in Thailand in the north and west.
Thailand peacock found in diverse habitats, be it old or forest plantations in altitudes up to 1000 meters above sea level in the tropics and sub-tropics. Both found in bamboo forests, meadows, as well as in Vietnam, the dry deciduous forest birds live near water and away from human disturbance. Water is the key factor of habitat.
Living on beaches and dunes along the stream until the early morning. Afternoon eat seeds and small animals. And then fly back to the island, lying atop stilts. Usually in small flocks 2-6, except in some areas, for example. Huai Kha Khaeng Wildlife Sanctuary. Photography Peacock was found in a herd of up to 10 characters, here's a place. Peacock has lived in Thailand with Thailand. Currently there are about 400
During the breeding season is from November to April. Cover the tail feathers of male birds will mature in October. And is shed in February. The peacock's courtship began when the peahen into tricky territory of male birds in the flock with male co tricky. And show the tail spread tail-feathers Two wings spread out and lifted the trunk. Step up and be proud to walk spun around the female's tail spread tail-feathers will take about 5-10 minutes if the female is ready to breed will shrink down to the breeding male. Peacock nest on the ground under the open air or under the arches crop formations. There may be a nest of dry grass or leaves. Lay 3-6 eggs begin to hatch out the eggs after the final. The incubation period of 26-28 days, the chicks are born covered with soft hair all over the body. You can stand and walk to the food as soon as the hair is dry. By the mother to feed the baby birds will not be less than six months, then living alone.

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