Monday, December 21, 2015

Pheasant-tailed Jacana

Pheasant-tailed Jacana
Wong birds kayaking Jacanidae
Status in Thailand Resident and migratory birds He is known as the Queen waterfowl looks particularly beautiful in a dress coat mating season.
This species was named Thailand kayaking because that's when the hen lays eggs and then paddle out to find a new partner. And let the male birds incubate and feed the baby alone. It takes its name from jazz vocals yet. Scull was not sure Since then, both reliability. (Although I hear birds sing like an angry cat, singing not).
The length from the tip of its tail to the tip mouth about 31 centimeters. Hen a slightly older male birds. But there were no differences in dress coat makes identification difficult when the individual in nature.
Outside the breeding season the birds are transported in a similar Jacana not because adults have brown upper body. The lower torso white When combined with similar shapes that could not be classified. Therefore, it must be noted that the black eyes drawn through the side neck down to the chest. Sidebar neck and neck until the yellow gondola of birds are good.
Outside the breeding season, bird feathers in the series, click here.
Dressed in fur breeding season Birds have feathers covering most of the body is brown, black face, forehead, neck, and white wing bar stand out. But the bow was the scorer dark brown crown. Dark brown or black lines across the top scorer crown this long haul through the neck to the chest down both sides of the border, like a bright golden yellow hair, eating area, which extended down to the neck. Black tail that protrudes out from the normal tail length from 8-27 centimeters, making this species differs from other water birds noticeably.

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