Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Little Spiderhunter

Little Spiderhunter
Wong Nectariniidae status: endemic birds of Thailand. Found nationwide Leave the Central and Northeast. Length 16 cm with green upper body. The lower torso, neck white yellow tail edged with white at the tips below. A very long curved mouth black. Worldwide, there are 12 species of small bird species found in Thailand, four subspecies of birds are often found alone. Or a pair of wild bananas The island's banana And suck nectar But non-food banana nectar from only one type of bird. But the nectar from other flowers. Insects that feed on sweet together. Insects that attach to tissue. And manipulating insects would eat with the birds. The wild banana We can also be found on dry evergreen forest, evergreen forest, mangrove swamp.
The species: Nepal, India, Bangladesh, Myanmar, the Philippines, Indochina.

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