Saturday, January 16, 2016

Grey-chinned Minivet

Grey-chinned Minivet
This type is a sub-type (montanus) found on the mountain. Yala Wildlife Sanctuary or Hala - Bala.
The ashes in the family bird and bird Phaya Fai. (Campephagidae)
Birds resident status in Thailand
ID: Identification of the neck and the other middle toe orange head, neck and upper back dark gray. Fuselage below the wings and rump, red, orange novel small knife montanus (Mountain Village. Yala dark red) than the black body.
Females: Unlike other types of head. The cheek, neck and gray The lower torso and yellow wing bar. Kata posts a dark yellow
Ah Si Thin: The evergreen forest and mountains.
Distribution of species in the Himalayas to Malaysia. Found in the north and north east. West found scattered down the Kaeng Krachan National Park Rapids. The southern part is only found on high mountains in wildlife sanctuaries Hala - Bala.

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