Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Green-eared Barbet

Green-eared Barbet
Wong Barbet Megalaimidae
A bird native of Thailand
Barbet ears, green (Green-eared Barbet) the term "ear" in its name refers to the hair covering the ears (ear-covert) which is green. A relatively large species Opradk Similar conventional Barbet But the mouth black, yellow mouth. Green transport body The head and thorax are dark brown stripes match. The green light Body green camouflage it in the bush as well. Barbet will climb trees to eat slowly ate and lace.
The baby birds will eat large insects. Likewise, birds eat fruit and other Barbet. That is wild Because of its tree species to the place far cry: "Tuk - the fruit of" leaky pile.
Habitat: Found in evergreen, mixed deciduous forest, spread across all sectors. Except for the central and southern regions.

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