Saturday, January 2, 2016

Collared Kingfisher

Collared Kingfisher
Kingfisher held in the family (Alcedinidae)
An endemic bird found in Thailand.
Description: A bird in the group Kingfisher Kingfisher has a habit of eating crab food. It was the locals called the "crab Kingfisher bird" and "collared kingfisher," a small bird. Style flat mouth to mouth on mouth rinse black color. Head and upper body economize blue algae. And white collar around the lower torso. Blue Wings have black striped legs, both male and female have similar colors.
Habitat: mangrove forests, beaches and along rivers. The birds are like an isolated island may not include the multitude of branches, stumps, to trap prey. Time flies usually sing at the same time.
Food for food by diving to catch prey such as crabs, fiddler crabs food by mouth Kingfisher crabs also eat insects, frogs find it virtuous Wฺ and small reptiles.

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